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24-7Mobile-Locksmith Riverside Complaint


In my humble opinion… 24-7mobile-locksmith.com Riverside…sucks. A few days ago, a good friend and I decided to go to a concert at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA. I parked my car and locked it in a residential area in the City of Ontario and my friend drove us to L.A.

Later, while attending the concert, I sat my jacket down only to have it stolen a few minutes later.  Yes, dummy me!  But anyway, contained in my jacket was my cellphone, ipod, wallet and my only set of car keys.  Well, I frantically looked around for my jacket with no avail, so I reported it stolen to Staff Pro security who is regularly assigned to the Convention. Of course, Staff Pro security was uncaring and merely kept referring me to other security guards…with little or no help.  I finally realized my jacket and contents were gone…never to be seen again.  Now then, as far a my car goes…after being home and surfing the internet for mobile locksmith’s, I came across 24-7mobile-locksmith.com.  I spoke to, “John” and explained my situation to him and told him I needed my car unlocked and a new transponder key made.  John said, “No problem, I have it done for you and have a tech respond within 20 minutes.”  I told John my car was located in the City of Ontario and that I lived in Menifee, CA. and it would take me about an hour to get to the City of Ontario where my car was located.  John told me he would have a tech meet me at my car at 1:30 P.M.   Keep in mind, I spoke to John at 12:05 P.M.

Well, I drove to the City of Ontario and arrived at about 1:17 P.M. when I received a phone call from John who apologized stating his tech was off today and wanted to re-schedule the appointment for tomorrow that being (Feb. 19th, 2013.)  I told him, “No!”  I explained that I already drove to where my car was parked and was waiting for his tech.  Now then, if in-fact it was true what John was saying about his tech being off for the day, he had plenty of time to call me back…but he didn’t!  He waited until 1:17 P.M. to call me.  This is not right and is very bad business.  I was desperate enough with all the stress and paying $4.29 per gallon of gasoline to drive 60 miles…only to find out I wasted my time.  Too, I had a driver with me to drive one of the cars back!  Talking about a pissed off consumer!  I was literally shocked that John would call and tell me he didn’t know his tech wasn’t working today…what a joke of a company…how they stay in business is unbelievable.  If John were a good businessman, he would have offered up some type of discount or some other measure…but he didn’t!

I explained to John, I was going to report his company to IMHO.co – Consumer Complaint website for his bad practices.  You would think a good business would try and make a wrong a right…but no….John just didn’t care!  This consumer complaint is based on veracity and just poor business.  Again, I hope if you decide to use 24-7mobile-locksmith.com you think again they will screw you too!  :[

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