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24 hr. Fitness Fontana Sucks


In my humble opinion… 24 hr. Fitness in Fontana, CA. sucks! Actually, the gym is nearly like all other 24 hr. Fitness clubs, however, this one has some problems.  The men’s restroom is always dirty, the hand dryers do not work half the time and the toilets are always dirty with paper strewn all over the stalls.  Moreover, the urinals are really bad, I saw one hanging off the wall with gobs of caulking smeared all over the wall in an attempt to hide its damaged wall base.  The steam room and sauna are nearly out of order on a regular basis.  The soap dispensers in the showers and water basin areas are nearly always empty… The shower heads in the individual stalls are all messed up, they squirt water in the opposite direction of where it actually is suppose to go…I pay my monthly fee and expect the facility to be clean and ready to go.  Other than regular maintenance it should be up and running well.  This really hurts the image of 24 hr. Fitness in my mind.  Personally, I  think the Fontana club sucks and whoever is managing it is certainly doing a poor job.

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