Amazon.in Ripoff

In My Humble Opinion… I ordered a 8mm Peora valentine two tone B on 10 oct 14 from “Amazon”. Today, I got a call from from Amazon that my delivery had arrived to my doorstep, I  rushed to get and was excited too. I suppose to check my order at the time of collecting. But who ll thought of a Brand like Amazon can make any mistake,I also thought d same and I hv collected my order without any suspicion…It ws merely a terrible experience wen I opened d box , me and my friends were shocked, ” there was nothing inside the box, it was  full empty without d ring which is nicely packed”.
At the moment , I can’t hold myself calm , I called Amazon customer care and registered a complain against them, dey promised me to redeliver my order in 24 hrs but truly speaking ,I “cannot believe them ” at all after dis kind of stuff .

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