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Arco AM PM Ripoff

In my humble opinion… If Arco didn’t have enough money already….in California when you use your debit card at the gas pumps you are charged .35 cents….it was .45 cents last  year but due to so many complaints they dropped it by .10 cents.. Well, my friends that is a big rip off to charge you an extra .35 cents to use your card..I cannot believe they are getting away with this..if you add up that .35 cents…it calculates into millions…. I rarely use AM PM anymore…but when I do I have to bite my tongue…shame on you ARCO you big ripoff giant…

  1. Pissed Consumer

    I am so pissed off about AM PM charging for this 35 cents fee. It is just crazy the amount of money they make. I am so pissed…cause I am paying 35 cents just to use the gas pump every time I go. Normally, I just go across the street to 7-11 where there is no charge.

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