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BJ’s Brewery Best Bartender

In my humble opinionStacy, Bartender at BJ’s Brewery in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. is the best!  Why?  Well, it really has to do with being professional and having people skills.  Here are a few points:

  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Entertaining
  • People skills

Now then, to set the genre….. BJ’s was very busy and there was only one empty seat at the bar, I seen it from a distance and scurried to grab it.  Once I made it up to the bar,  I noticed there was a dirty plate with some partially eaten broccoli with some silverware laying on the bar.  Well, Stacy busy with serving drinks made a point of cleaning off the bar and serving me a drink.  She explained the beer selection to me and offered a menu as well.  Over all, the service was great…..you might say “Well she was just doing her job but let me tell ya I have been in enough bars in my life and here service was excellent.  Most likely, other bartenders would have left the dirty dishes and served me when they got around to it.  Of course, I am generalizing but Stacy did take the time to notice me as a customer and came through for me… If you get a chance stop in and say hello to Stacy…

  1. Mike Higashi

    Love BJ’s especially the one at Brea Mall. I normally schedule monthly luncheons with a group of LE Retirees, every person there from bartender to server to receptionist have been really friendly, on the ball and attentive. Foos has been excellent especially the BBQ chicken chop salad. Wish ALL restaurants were this good…give it tw- thumbs up!!

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