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In my humble opinion…Brothers Towing Service in

Brothers Towing

228 Mountain Ave
Perris, CA 92570

(951) 943-0741. is crooked.  My vehicle broke down at Menifee Rd & Hwy 74, so I parked it in the parking lot of AM PM in a small paved lot on the East side.  I left my vehicle over night and returned the next day only to find it gone from where I parked it.  Yes, I did see a sign clearly marked by Brothers Towing that all cars would be towed away if left over 24 hrs.  Here is the problem that I have.  I entered the parking lot from the West and parked my vehicle in the East lot.  The sign posted was erected on the North side of the lot facing North, therefore, since I parked in the East lot…I was positioned South of the sign which could only be seen from the other side.  Otherwise, I would have never left my vehicle there.  I had no idea of what the sign depicted as it was facing the other direction.  Thus, this type of deception is a pattern set by other tow services as well….just waiting in the dark to fang good citizens who obey the law.  There were no signs posted as you enter the parking lot from any direction…I am sure they have been getting away with it for years… My plan is to sue Brothers Towing, Perris, CA. in small claims court. I have filed consumer complaints.  Once the case is adjudicated, I will post it here so you can all see the outcome. IMHO, Brothers Towing, Perris, CA. is sneaky and uses tactics outside of their civilian authority to tow away cars to profit.  I would not recommend them to anyone.

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