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California Oaks Car Wash Review


In my humble opinion… California Oaks Car Wash Review located at:

Address: 40933 California Oaks Rd, Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone:(951) 696-5004
Is the best car was in Murrieta, CA.  They are friendly and offer the consumer good competitive prices across the board.  I went in over the weekend with my car and paid $45 to have it waxed and detailed.  Andy, who worked on my car did a good job.  I would recommend California Oaks car wash to anyone who would like good service and a nice car wash.  Go see Andy, he will take care of you!  They are pretty busy over there so be prepared to spend some time and please be patient and give them time to work on your car.  The longer they take the better the job they do.  California Oaks is located in a nice commercial district and is safe for all.  Please read their signs when before you have your car serviced as they are not liable for certain things upon entering the car wash.  Over all, great experience and I would recommend their services.
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