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Calvary Chapel Church Murrieta

In my humble opinion…I wanted to say the pastor of Calvary Chapel Church in Murrieta, CA. has a rule of locking the church doors once the sermon starts.  Well, I have a big problem with this and the reason being is in my humble opinion no church should lock it’s doors to the public especially during Sunday.  Now then, his reasoning is because the church is busy and because of the large congregations he expects you to be on time for God’s word, however, although understandable it is not justifiable.  No person should be turned away from a church due to being late for the sermon.  My reasoning is simple, “What would Jesus do?”

He surely would never lock a door from people hearing the word of God.  I personally think the pastor is dead wrong here…and in my humble opinion he should allow anyone come into the church whenever they want. Here is a follow up to my issue, it should be noted the main church doors are open…it is the doors to the sanctuary that are closed in and a sense locked…so if you are late you cannot get in…you are directed by greeters to attend another sanctuary upstairs…to watch it on a screen…or at least that is what I have been told.  Too, it should be noted people are not locked in the sanctuary…they can leave whenever they want…  I have been attending the church for about 10 years…

  1. Adam S.

    This is not true. I have attended 2nd service for the last 12 years and am routinely late or have to leave during service to tend to my children. I have never heard of “locking the doors”. This is ridiculous. You can come and go as you need to. They do not hold you prisioner. Oh, and they never take a collection. If you want to tithe, you can leave an envelope with a check in a box in the foyer. But nobone will ever ask or compell you to. This is a great church that does great things for the local community and midis tries around the world. if you want to serve, there are many opportunities here.

  2. Jenny Cooper

    I agree, the church is open but they do lock the sanctuary doors when the sermon has started… they just don’t want people to disrupt the sermon. Probably because their doors squeak…lol

  3. Angelo B.

    I think in my humble opinion they should not lock any doors while church is in session. I think the fire department might have a problem with it too. Besides we are talking about convenience more than anything here. Calvary Chapel is a good church and the complaint doesn’t seem to be with any of that…it is the locking of the doors to the sanctuary when the sermon begins is the question. I think this is all an easy fix…but the pastor is going to have to let his pride down…Also, I think it is not up to him…it is up to his congregation.

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