In My Humble Opinion… CARMAX at 6801 E Frontage Rd, Merriam, KS 66204
(913) 384-6697

CARMAX COMPLAINT: Kansas City don’t care for the customer I bought a 2008 CLS 550 Mercedes about 3 months ago and i already need 2 new back tires , when i bought the car i complained to the sales person about the tires and brakes!! and I’m already needing both! I called the service department and the service mgr couldn’t help me! I will never buy another car from CARMAX they say “No Haggle” phrase , But I believe now that the “No Haggle” statement is a big cop out!! THey get the cars and inspect them to make sure everything is ok and then they sell you the car service plan! The reason CARMAX does that is because they pass the claims to the service warranty plans!! and CARMAX never lets you negotiate the price CarMAX has you 100% UNDER CONTROL!! FROM THE INTEREST RATES ALL THE WAY TO SERVICE PLANS!! NEXT TIME IM GOING DIRECT TO MERCEDES! YOU WILL GET BETTER TREATMENT INSTEAD OF GOING TO THE BUFFET OF CARS CARMAX!! SHAME ON YOU!! AND THE SERVICE MANAGER SUCKS!! period!! Next post will be to my 40,000 followers on Facebook all from Kansas City! It is strongly suggested you go directly to the manufacturer to purchase a vehicle versus CARMAX.

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  1. imhowebsite

    We totally agree, Carmax should have taken care of the consumer…it is a no brainer when you purchase any vehicle the tires should last longer than 9k miles…no brainer!

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