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Coulter’s Furniture Sales Fraud


In My Humble Opinion… I believe that I’m a victim of Sales Fraud by Coulter’s Furniture in Windsor Ontario.
I searched several sites but can’t find Canadian prices. All USA prices are showing to be cheaper. I am looking to purchase Palliser # 41451 HTS, so I went to Coulters Furniture in Windsor. I bought them and was charged for # 41451 but the info on the chairs they delivered is showing #41934 Axis
2 powered seats curved with LED lights, one acrylic table, silver/stainless cup holders and stainless feet. I was told it was all leather but it’s actually Leather w/ vinyl match. Leather colour is (Mondo). I paid $2999.00 for them. I would like to know if I am being overcharged? Am I getting what I paid for? I personally think they intentionally delivered me a old product from their warehouse instead of ordering me what I am paying for.

I contacted Palliser and got this response…As for the label of product attached – This tells me that the Home Theater seat was made with Roma Grade 1000 leather with a PVC match. If the store told you it was ALL Leather, please contact the store and discuss this concern with them.

As for your pricing email, we do not have MSRP or Manufacture Suggested Retail Pricing. We only sell our product wholesale to dealers and they set their own retail prices based on the area market.

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