Flower Delivery Express FDE Ripoff

In My Humble Opinion… Flower Delivery Express FDE is a scam and a rip off! I ordered same day delivery flowers in the morning and left Emails all day long trying to track delivery with no response back…I called 4 times and left messages to call me back with no response…Finally at 9:00 PM they still hadn’t been delivered and I went to bed…I got my bank statement and they charged me $85.00 for a $26.00 arrangement…I’ve sent 3 Email complaints n requests for copy of invoice with no response…I’ve been calling to speak to a Supervisor for a month…I get put on hold forever and then it sends me to an answering machine to leave a message and it hangs up on me…I’ve been nice n asked to please get a call back with no response…Now my messages aren’t so nice and I informed them that I am a Disabled Senior Citizen and a Major Stroke Survivor on a fixed income who would never order flowers for $85.00…Still no response! This is unprofessional and unacceptable business practice and should not be tolerated! I AM PISSED OFF!

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