Godaddy Complaint


Godaddy.com auction lies so much, i would like to file a complaint or review on the internet to let everyone know how I was treated. They will kick you out of their auction if you disagree with them over misspelled domain names purchased. I think they are wrong when it comes to banning people from their auction. They say they give people 3 chances then ban them when they do not comply. I have other complaints about Godaddy.com as they work in concert with Wildwest domains and they have a gimmick going on between them. I would not suggest anyone use the auction if you want any good support or customer service as you will not get it.  Godaddy.com is big and they have good products but their auction really is bad.  I do not think Godaddy.com executives are really paying attention to their auction.  My thoughts are they should allow the consumer to explain circumstances before they just ban you for little reason.  Most of the time things can be explained with little or no time.  Godaddy.com is only one registrar, there are many more to select from.  Godaddy.com has a lot of complaints online but they are so big I think the complaints go un-noticed.  :p

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