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Innerlimits Smoke Shop

In my humble opinion… I happened to be in San Clemente on Sept. 29th and stopped in to see what the store was all about.  Actually, I thought it was a collective but once I got inside I could tell it was a mere head shop or marijuana accessories store.  I spoke to a girl by the name of Brittany who was first a bit standoffish but she soon warmed up after I told her I was looking for a collective vs. accessories…  Brittany said the store was doing well and they had been in business for the past 13 years.  I asked her if there were any collective in the area.  She said no none in San Clemente, CA.  I started browsing around and noticed the shelves were full stocked and merchandised well.  Over all it was a nice store, the parking was very limited but it is on a corner lot so that was good.  Please stop in and say high to Brittany.  We recommend InnerLimits Smoke Shop

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