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It’s a Grind is Kind

Hey, I stopped by It’s a Grind a local coffee shop in the City of Murrieta this morning for a hot cup of green tea and to start the day.  I met a really cute employee by the name of Joanna.  Joanna not only made my green tea but told me she would bring it to me when ready.  Well, this struck me funny because at Starbucks they will not deliver your drink to you…they merely call your name and you have to get up and go pick it up.  So then, a few minutes later Joanna brought me my order with a big smile and said, “Thank you!”  Later, I held a great conversation with Joanna about life in general and about her career aspirations.  Over all, I would say that It’s a Grind scored with Joanna as she is a up and coming star with a goal set for joining the United States Navy.  I highly recommend It’s a Grind in the City of Murrieta!

Lil shout out to Ashley who also works at It’s a grind in Murrieta….wow is she a really hard worker….never wasted a minute standing around doing nothing…the owners of this lil coffee shop can be proud of her as well….

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