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Las Vegas Treasure Island Hotel Complaint

Treasure Island Complaint

In My Humble Opinion… The Las Vegas Treasure Island hotel is a dishonorable, non-professional, and a non-progressive, establishment to stay in at this time. I paid to stay with them for two nights at a cost of 238.00. When I arrived there, I had two wait 1 hour in line to check in. There were empty beer bottles all over the check in lobby from everyone that had been drinking and waiting there for just as long. While checking in, they charged me a 25.00 “resort fee” per night in addition to the 238.00 room I rented for two nights. Surprised and angry and I payed the 50.00 “resort fee” because I was tired of waiting in line and I had my two small children with me. During my stay, my wife got a foot blister from her sandals and they could not even come up with a small band-aid. We got a band-aid from the front lobby desk of another hotel.

They also closed the pool at 5:00 P.M. My kids were having a good time and the sun was still out. At check out they charged me another 3.00 tax per night on top of the 25.00 per night “resort fee.” So I paid the state tax on my initial 238.00 two night hotel room, then I paid another 50.00 “resort fee” and then I paid another 6.00 dollar tax on my “resort fee” for a total of 12% tax….insane I hope their machines are not rigged to charge the same secret taxes. I confronted one of the hotel managers and they never cared because they know there is a line of people waiting to pay their high self imagined tax rate. The taxes don’t even show up on your check out receipt either. I was reading other blogs and some poor person stayed at a hotel for several nights and after being hit with the outrageous secret resort “tax fee”, he paid almost more in taxes then the actual hotel fees….this is a big scam for suckers, or innocent people just looking to relax which then become Las Vegas suckers…..I returned to my usual “grind” (work) worse off then when I left…be careful with the Las Vegas scam “resort fee” secret rates…..

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