Laugh Factory Review

In my humble opinion… I think the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. is in need of some TLC.  If you have never been there it will be a bit confusing as you will be waived in to park in valet at an old broken down gas station parking lot across the street by people who can not speak English.  Once you are herded into the lot the parking lot porters rush you and hand you a ticket and point to the Laugh Factory.  Then you go and stand in line with 100 others to even get in.  Once you are in they love to place you in a secondary room where you can see the comedians on flat screen televisions.  Now then, during this time the waitresses will serve you drinks which is cool but they do not count as your 2 drink minimum once inside the show.  To me this is playing dirty and they should tell you before ordering drinks.  Oh, let me tell you about my main grip and that is the furniture is very bad and all worn out…kind of scary to even think what you may be sitting on.   Moving on, once you get into the show they have these rickety wooden chairs that are all bunched up together most likely to seat as many patrons as they can.  It looks greedy!  So, basically you are sitting on hard boards for several hours….this makes it very uncomfortable.  The waitresses are nice and very good at what they do.  The shows are always good as well.  When the show is over you are greeted at the door by some guys who will give you free or discounted tickets for the next time you come if you tweet or Facebook like the Laugh Factory.  Over all, a great experience and I would recommend them….just bring a cushion..

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