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Little Caesars Murrieta

In my humble opinion…. Little Caesars Murrieta, CA. is simply the best.  I walked in and was greeted by a really cute girl with a million dollar smile who identified herself as “Bethany.”  I asked Bethany about the $5.00 pizza deals, she pointed to a large menu board and explained which pizzas Little Caesars was offering at the $5.00 price.  I ordered about 10 pizzas to go.

Bethany explained my order would be ready in about 15 minutes.  Sure enough in 15 minutes I received 10 steaming hot pizzas, I asked her for some Parmesan cheese and chili packets…  Bethany grabbed a big handful along with a bunch of napkins and with a big smile said, thanks!  One of the reasons I bring this compliment to Bethany is her over all friendly service!  Plus, Little Caesars great deals it offers to it’s loyal customers!  I highly recommend Little Caesars for really good pizza! Stop in and see Bethany for that million dollar smile as well….

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