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On the Border Restaurant Has Bad Cheese Dip

In my humble opinion….On the Border Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga, CA has really bad cheese dip… They water it down so to make it go farther I guess…I am not sure what cheese they use but it is simple…just use Velveeta cheese and rotel tomatoes…and you are in business.. I mean it is not that hard…but On the Border is not that good anyway…and the female manager is basically worthless…she walks around mostly doing nothing…I have been there many times.  Moreover, the waitresses and waiters are  under trained and do the minimum to give you the proper service you deserve.  Personally, I rarely go there anymore because of the poor tasting Mexican food and poor service…I would not recommend them to anyone.  Really not authentic Mexican food anyways….more like processed out of a box or something.. :p :lol: :p

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