Panasonics Idea Of Customer Service Is To charge $80 To Replace A $39 Unit. Seriously

In my humble opinion… I bought a Panasonic 6.0 phone and it broke 4 times. When it broke the 4th time (it was just the handset each time) I called customer service and explained that it was the same problem all 4 times and expected they would apologize and fix it for free. Surprise. Customer Service offered to fix the $39 retail phone system (actually since it was just the handset it probably cost them maybe five bucks to send me a new one) they quoted me $80 !!!! I repeated it. I even asked them what the unit retails for and they said $39 but they charge $80 to fix it.

I will buy another phone system. But never Panasonic again. Thieves. 2b4f5ac

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