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Paytm Cheaters & Amp Fraud

In My Humble Opinion… Paytm cheat with me in my wallet i have 375rs and rs 374rs total amount in my paytm wallet is rs 749. At 6 may 2015 my money 375rs is automatcally sent to someone account & on 10 may 2015 my money 374rs automatically sent to someone account. When i write mails to paytm and say please give the mobile no of this transaction id CFD01BAF3088820F or id 27D554C6A7356A81, then paytm no reply of my question in appropriate manner, if pytm not deduct my money auto then please give me mobile number of given transactions in which my money sent.
So i think paytm cheat with me so paytm not give me mobile number of transactions.

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