Pechanga Casino Sucks

In my  humble opinion… Pechanga Casino sucks!  I have been going to Pechanga  casino for several years and have spent a lot of my hard earned money for some entertainment well needed.  Although I did receive entertainment I did not receive good treatment.  I did receive a compensated room for one night but other than that one time offer no other offers amounting to anything ever came my way.  The amount of money I spent could have purchased me a nice condo in a mid-economy city.  However, it was my choice to spend the money I did, I still believe Pechanga is a money sucker…as all of the other casinos such as Harrah’s in San Diego county offers free rooms, free buffet’s etc…  At Pechanga I could count many times when ordering a drink the waitress would rarely return with the drink.  I evidence not only by many personal experiences but by other gamblers I would sit by and they too would express dissatisfaction with the waitresses failing to return with drinks.  Over all, the music playing on the overhead speakers is really bad…either to loud or just plain poor songs.  The security officers who ride bicycles outside are aggressive with patrons and tend to appear bored and seemingly try to harass patrons.  Too, the administrative people who call themselves supervisors are not friendly and always seem to be disgruntled.  I would not suggest anyone take their money there.  I would suggest Barona or Harrah’s in San Diego.  Pechanga has failed in the area of customer service.  The clerks in the gift shops are not friendly and walk around aimlessly before offering any assistance.  So do not take a gamble with Pechanga they really do suck!!!!  :lol:  :lol:

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