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PrivateInvestigations.me Review


In my humble opinion…PrivateInvestigations.me is a great website!  As a consumer of privateinvestigations.me I would recommend them to anyone.  They have several formal deputy sheriffs who are now retired who are very well educated and very balanced.  They have great pricing options for anyone and are fair with pricing.  I have checked out a lot of private investigators and privateinvestigations.me is a top notch company with people who are competent and willing to  help anyone.  I was having big problems with my employee’s stealing thousands of dollars of products from my company.  I hired privateinvestigations.me and after two days of surveillance they were able to catch an employee responsible for all the theft.  The private investigator assigned to my case was able to recover most of the merchandise and was able to get the culprit to pay back the money that was stolen from me.

What was great about the entire case is I never had to go to court.  I just let the employee go and had him sign a promise to pay document and he paid me all what was taken from my company.  So, it worked out really good because he saved his criminal record and I got paid back everything I lost.  Plus, I didn’t have to go to court.  Really, that is all I wanted and it worked out really good.  If I would have called the police, I would have had to take the employee to small claims court to recover, but since I went with privateinvestigations.me it really worked out good for me.  I would recommend anyone who has a private investigation matter to go to privateinvestigations.me they are the best ever.

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