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Rancho Ford Temecula


In my humble opinion… Rancho Ford 26895 Ynez Rd  Temecula, CA 92591 is a great place to do business.

A few days ago I brought my 2004 Ford Expedition to have the starter repaired.  Apparently, it was an issue with a short in the wiring harness causing the vehicle not to start.  Rachel, a representative from Rancho Ford service center called and explained the process it was going to take to repair my vehicle.  Rachel was very professional and kept me apprised of each step along the way.  In the end, Rachel saved me considerable money…. and I truly believe Rancho Ford gave me a great deal with the work performed.  A faulty wire was found and replaced.  Also, the master mechanic who worked on my vehicle did me a huge favor by removing a faulty starter which was a after market product but still under warranty, originally purchased from Auto Zone.  I was able to return the faulty starter to Auto Zone and trade it in for another one.

I took the starter back to Rancho Ford and the master mechanic quickly installed it.  Within less than 2 hrs. I was called by Rachel who told me my vehicle was ready.  I paid for the services rendered and spoke to Rachel for a few minutes about how happy I was with her service.  Rachel is certainly an asset to Rancho Ford.  I highly recommend doing business with Rancho Ford, their customer service is second to none.  Too, I will most likely purchase a vehicle from Rancho Ford if I am ever in the market for a new vehicle.  Lastly, the porter, “Mo” was asked by Rachel to fetch my vehicle.  Mo acted swiftly and went to get it.  A few moments later, Mo returned with my vehicle.  He was very friendly and spoke good of Rancho Ford and explained he has been employed there for 10 years.  It is this type of customer service which truly makes a viable business.  It starts from the porter up!  So then, thumbs up to Rancho Ford!

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