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In my humble opinion, I wanted to say that my recent visit to Sears in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. was a pleasant experience.  Although, I will say the store really needed to be upgraded.  Sears just needs to get with it and change their displays to all new innovative end caps and use modern technology.  The big ticket items were very well stocked and there were plenty of sales people standing around doing nothing, nor did they offer to help me.  However, I truly think it must be a new sales approach…since about 6 of them were standing at every corner of the sales floor waiting patiently.  Perhaps, the new way of sales is not to bug the customer?

Well, anyways the craftsman tool section was well stocked and looked about the same.  This consumer review is one that I chose to write about since Sears is trying to make a come back.  I have been shopping at Sears for about 25 years..but havent bought anything that I can think of for at least 10 years.  So then, I think Sears has a ways to go before they can truly make a come back… My understanding is it is now owned by Mexicans.  I wish them well…

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  1. Garth D.

    I agree Sears is good but they have to step up and upgrade. Their buildings are old and run down, they need to get the new box look and separate themselves from the mall look.. maybe even turn into something like Target.

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