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Snapdeal Online Shopping Ripoff

In My Humble Opinion…


I had placed an order in snapdeal.com online shopping website. I received a damaged product and hence asked for replacement of a product since it was damaged. they told the product is out of stock and credited the amount(422/-) into snapdeals account.
I’m continiously following up with them asking to credit it to my bank account to what ever the mode of payment was

They followed up asking my bank details, i sent my bank details, I’ve sent them N number of emails, i don’t see any response from them, i messsaged them separately on Facebook, i dint get any rtesponse still. My time is getting wasted and its kind of a torcher they are giving. what ever might be the situation they could have responsed which they dint do. I’m completely unhappy with their service. Please help me in resolving this issue

I have posted the snapdeals SD cash amount, since from november 20th they are yet to credit it to my account.

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