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In my humble opinion…Social Security Administration Hemet, CA. has a big compliment coming…. I recently had my wallet stolen and my Social Security card was in my wallet, so I had to go to the the Social Security Administration in the City of Hemet, CA. to apply for a new one.  Once I arrived, I noticed the building was new and parking was plentiful.  Once inside, I noticed the placed was packed and there were 8 windows which all had employee’s sitting behind glass waiting on patrons.  Now then, there were no directions on where to begin but I did see a large metal box near the East far wall.  I went to check out the box which contained a computer monitor.  It gave several option of why you may be in the building.  I selected the closest to my situation which was nothing more than getting a duplicate social security card.

After waiting about an hour, my number was called and I wen to window number 8.  I met with employee, “Tony” who was friendly and super fast.  I compliment Tony for doing a great job and keeping everything friendly with no stress.  Tony is the type of person who makes the Social Security Administration shine, I was very pleased with his customer service.  Too, he gave me a pamphlet with referenced phone numbers, in order to report my social security card stolen to my creditors.  Tony even used a pen to circle the correct phone numbers I should call to report my card stolen.  You see, this is the person who goes out of his way to make things better.  The only thing negative I have to say is there was a picture of President Obama on the wall, I thought it was a waste of tax payers money, especially if you add up all the offices strewn across America, this could really add up and was a waste of money.  Over all, pleasant experience.

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