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Spirit Home Services/Spirit Ducts – Integrity is NOT THERE

In My Humble Opinion…
This business is a rip-off. They have no integrity, respect for their customers, or sense of urgency.

The kicker for me is that we scheduled this to help with one of my daughter’s asthma condition, and now calling around virtually everyone is booked and cannot service us.

My wife and I used a deal found on Groupon.com to schedule air duct cleaning for our home. We purchased from Groupon.com in September and scheduled a cleaning for October 30th. I recognized that this was a great deal, and was prepared to ask for several additional vents and returns to be inspected and cleaned, resulting in additional revenue for your company.
The week of the 30th we were called and told that the technician who normally services our area was unavailable, and that we needed to reschedule for Nov 12th. I had no issue with this, as technician availability can be spotty.
What is unacceptable is that today, on the 10th of November, we were called and told we are outside the service area. I must point out we fall within the 50 mile radius outlined in the Groupon.com offer.
My questions are threefold:
1. When were we lied to?
a. When we redeemed the Groupon.com offer in good faith expecting you to adhere to your own conditions?
b. When we were told the technician was unavailable and we had to reschedule?
c. When your customer rep stated there’s nothing we can do about it?

To this time, I have heard nothing from the company. There was not even an apology, the customer service person was curt and short with my wife, and they did not return my calls.


Adam Oliver

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