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The Shopping Channel Ripoff

In My Humble Opinion… BUYING GOLD JEWELRY  from The Shopping Channel receives 0 stars.

My Nightmare began 4/29/2014 when I purchased a 10K 0.33CTW DIA Crossover Band Yellow Gold for 489.96 reg. 750.00.

It was a 10th Anniversary Present from my Husband. I gave it to him to hold and told him to give it to me when the time was right, 2015 is our 10th year. He gave it to me New Years and I wore it proudly for 2 months, until I noticed the back of the band was marking up and looking like a gold plated ring would look after a certain amount of time. Grooves in the band, scratched up……etc. I am in my 60’s and know how to take care of jewellery. I immediately contacted TSC and was told the warranty had long expired and I couldn’t get a refund. I persisted being a unique circumstance, and they said they would contact the manufacturer which was in India. This was a month ago, yesterday I sent an email to find out what happened with this………and their response email advised me that the manufacturer wanted to know if I would return it to TSC and they would forward it to them for repair in India. So I emailed back saying what the heck is this all about.
By this time I’m so frustrated………

Today March 21 I call customer care to find out how i return the ring for repair and am told that they won’t do this, I have to take the ring to my local jeweler and have it fixed paid by me. After much banter the Resolution Gal advised she would put a request in for a refund and it would take 5 to 7 business days to hear back whether this would happen or not. Looks like repairing it will be my responsibility.

Whatever happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE and SATISFACTION???? My next move will be to go to the TV Stations and state my case. Would i EVER recommend anyone ever buy jewellery from TSC, NO WAY! You pay good money for substandard product. I got taken please don’t let it happen to you!! 😆

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Customer Reviews

In My Humble Opinion

Consumer Complaints Filed

Karen L. 5/2/20

They stand for what is right! Good website support, and after I filed the online complaint, the company gave me a refund. Yes, it does work or it worked for me.

Fk U 04-15-2014

I file complaint online. Hopefully they see it cause I lost a lot of money. I have a window washing business and the company wanted me to wash windows with cooking oil..it made no sense. I want them to pay me for the cooking oil. Chinese suck

Abdul Alwish 03-22-19

My lawyer tell me to file complaint online. Very bad man at lighting store take my money and give me bad product. I want to get a refund but he said no, I deserve nothing and go back to my country.

Anonymous 09-4-2016

My wife is mad she got ripped off at the casino and security did nothing so we filed this complaint

Junior 04-20-2018

I hope she see's my complaint online, screw her

Anonymous 01-2-2015

I was able to file a complaint for free against my employer. The guy was a jerk...

Anonymous 04/11/20

This site kicks ass, they posted my complaint fast.

Leslie G 03/17/20

I filed a complaint and saw it filed online in about 4 days. I saw it next to the furniture I complained about. This made me feel good because they did me wrong.

Ismala Hussains 03/17/20

I very happy no to much English. But Happy.

Devin Parvin 03/02/20

Amazed how fast my consumer complaint was found on the internet.