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ThemeForest.net Ripoff

ThemeForest.net ripoff is an under statement.  Although they do sell some great themes, they also sell themes which are broken and or have coding issues.  I recently purchased a theme from ThemeForest.net or better known as Envato and the theme had major coding problems and showed error codes all over the theme.  When I contacted ThemeForest.net. about the faulty theme, I was told it was not their responsibility and that it was up to me to contact the theme author.  My argument was with ThemeForest.net, I told them the theme was purchased through their website and it would seem to me they would sell viable digital products versus broken themes.

After countless emails back and forth, ThemeForest.net offered me a refund with a catch.  They wanted me to purchase another theme of the same or equal value. I told them I was not interested in purchasing another theme as their selling practices were suspicious in nature and they were not guaranteeing their digital products.  Lastly, I would strongly suggest if you’re in the market to purchase a new theme you check out other competitors as I would not recommend ThemeForest.net to anyone.  They offer poor support and are argumentative with the consumer and lack people skills… moreover, apparently they lack business knowledge to close deals effectively… I personally believe they are a small company trying to fang anyone who comes their way!  :p

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