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Tmobile Promenade Mall Temecula


In my humble opinion… Tmobile Promenade Mall, Temecula CA is the one of the best stores I have been to.  I have been to the store on at least one other occasion and the service was fair.  However, this time the store manager, Juliet, assisted me with the purchase of a new iphone 5.  Now then, what made this trip so special is the kindness in which Juliet displayed during my entire visit.  It was obvious to me Juliet cared and showed above and beyond patience with me and even offered a stool to sit on… at least two times.  I did not take her up on her offer but it was the kind offer which made me smile.

Plus, Juliet saved me about $70.00 per month even when I purchased two iphone 5’s and upgraded my plan with a total of 5 phones.  I want it to be known that Juliet is certainly an asset to Tmobile and let me tell ya..over the years I have been to Sprint…they suck….been to AT&T…they were not to bad…but a little over expensive…Verizon takes the cake…they are definitely the worst phone company in the history of mankind.  Verizon has the worst customer service whether it is for a home phone or a smart phone…they suck big time…and every time I get the chance I tell anyone who will listen Verizon sucks!

Tmobile is by far the best and has the best customer service over all.  Tmobile executives obviously know what they are doing when it comes to business!  The best plan ever with no contract and to hook up with Apple for the sale of iphones was a great decision.  I see why Juliet was hired by Tmobile…a friendly, knowledgeable, fast and fun person to deal with!  Lastly, I give Juliet the highest recommendation possible!  Tmobile should be honored to have such a top notch employee!  Juliet is certainly on her way up in the company and would make a great district or regional manager….

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