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Tweet Adder Ripoff

In my humble opinion…I purchased TweetAdder.com from the internet in order to boost my Twitter account.  Well, I received the software zip files and uploaded them to my cpu but noticed some of the program was running a little rough and would not configure correctly as it should have.  I contacted customer support and found out really fast they were not going to answer at Tweet Adder so I began the process of going to  my (Pay Pal account which is worthless by the way) in order to file for a charge back…. Well, of course you may not file for a charge back on a digital transferred product…so basically I knew then I was screwed.

After a few long years of sending countless emails to Tweet Adder requesting support or a refund of $59.99 I never received either.  However, I did receive a few emails over the years in which they said they would contact me but I never heard from them regarding a refund or any customer support.  So, I would definitely not buy anything from them they have complaints all over the internet.  Mainly, one of the chief complaints is by adding Tweet Adder …Twitter will ban your account due to the high volume of suspicious activity they see on your account…so really you do not want to mess with it anyways….. Shame on you Tweet Adder…stealing from people. :cool:

  1. Lujun Sjuki

    Tweet Adder is a ripoff, I got banned from Twitter because of them. They offer no support and will rip you off big time. They will email you but rarely ever respond to correct the problems with their software. Twitter does not approve of them either.

  2. Chris

    I am still making money from all the targeted followers that TweetAdder has helped me gain. If you use it like a spammer to follow hundreds of accounts a day that are not relevant to you, you will get banned from Twitter like a spammer. If you use the tool as an aid for getting the right kind of followers and log on to Twitter to communicate with them once in a while, you will be ok ;)

  3. William G.

    Tweetadder used to work well, but in the last months Twitter increased their security settings. I got all my accounts suspended. Could however reopen them after promising not to use the software anymore…So yes tweetadder (even with tuned settings) is worthless now……. =(

  4. James Scholes

    I use it myself and I love it.

    The only thing is, the more accounts you add, the slower it becomes.

    I’ve currently got 92 accounts running and it’s a pain in the ass to operate due to the speed it’s running…

    …Thinking of getting a new lappy so I can increase my accounts as the software sends me tons of daily passive traffic.

    James Scholes

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