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Verizon iphone Sucks


In my humble opinion, Verizon Iphone 4s sucks!  Verizon locks it so it cannot be unlocked and that my friend is plain stupid.  Verizon offers literally no help when you go to their store fronts to ask for assistance.  The employee’s are rude and do not offer customer service.  The product review for the Verizon iPhone 4s is a big fat zero.  Verizon is the only one who locks the iphone 4s so nobody can change providers.  Verizon has a long history of bad customer service.  This consumer review is a complaint!  I would never recommend anyone to do any business with Verizon.  Verizon sucks and all of my dealings with them has been very poor.  The employee’s have been known to be untruthful and lie so much they can’t even remember the lie they told to you before the last one.  The worst Verizon store front is located at the Ontario Mills mall in the City of Ontario, CA.  Remember, Verizon has home service as well…of which I have had and let me tell you Verizon will not be in any big hurry to  help you if something goes wrong with their second hand equipment.

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