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Walmart is just filthy

In my humble opinion…Walmart in Murrieta, CA. is really filthy…the parking lot is always full and crowded due to narrow aisle ways to the stalls… The store is always dirty and the employee’s who work there look like the just got out of bed and splashed some water on their face at best.  I noticed the employee’s were basically moving slow and lounging mostly.  The employee’s have tattoos all over their arms with big gauges.  I see them chomping on gum and sneaking peeks at their cell phones…the managers are very sloppy and do not show proper attire.  What a joke…just a big mess every time I go in there.  I try not to go…but sometimes I am forced to take a trip over there for various reasons.  Sam Walton would not be proud of this particular store…looks like a third world country. So please tell your friends to shop at Target..much cleaner and better employee conduct…. :p :-[) :lol:

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