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Worst Blender In the History Of The World!

Cuisinart blender

Worst Blender In the History Of The World!

In my humble opinion…Some people might think that Cuisinart is a good company. The name even sound French or European. Don’t be fooled. They sell the same Made in China, plastic crap that many companies are decaying into these days.

Over they years I’ve bought & used many blenders. Probably the best I had was an old 3 speed Braun, it could chop thru anything & lasted forever, lost it in a move sadly. Also a 20 buck Osterizer from a yard sale also worked perfectly. Also gone over the years.

So I buy this Cuisinart (model SPB-7CH), I chose it because it had a real glass jug, most of them are plastic now. Let me tell you how awful this piece of junk is. First of all, it’s the loudest blender in the world. I’ve heard industrial wood chippers that were quieter than this horrendous machine. We actually have to keep workman’s earplugs in the kitchen for anytime we use this abomination.

Secondly, it’s got the most ridiculous configuration of buttons, so you have to push an “on” button before you choose a speed, then an “off” button to stop it. Every other blender in the history of blenders got along just fine without this convoluted nonsense.

Finally, the noise thing is absolutely offensive & will wake neighbors in a detached house! However, the worst aspect of this stupid device is the actual blending. That’s all you want the thing to do, but it can’t even do that properly. No matter what speed you choose, or however long you blend for, you will always get a mouthful of un-blended stuff left in the bottom. How utterly incompetent were the designers or testers (if they had any at all)? This is with blending simple little tasks like fruit & nuts, apparently too difficult for this piece of garbage.

I suppose it only works when blending water, anything else is just too complicated.

I will never ever give another penny to anything made by Cuisinart, tell everyone you know!

Thank you

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