Zinstall.com Ripoff

Zinstall.com Ripoff

In my humble opinion…BUYER BEWARE – I purchased Zinstall win-win – the program that was to revolutionize the industry. It didn’t load right using their instructions, I asked for refund. They called me – their accent was Hindu and I didnt understand them. And then at the end I agreed to do what he tried to tell me to do and I emailed proof that it was done. They refused to help, they wanted $100 fee to help, they have no unpaid customer service, they refused to help, they wanted more money and they had no guarantee of service that their software would perform on our new i3 machine or our i7 machine. Their guarantee (according to our California attorney)states that if the software doesn’t work it’s our fault and no refund. Their legaleze says no refunds in small type even though their site says 100% money back guarantee. They refuse to answer emails, phone calls, return emails, I asked that paypal do the right thing – paypal will never do the right thing.
THIS IS FRAUD – THEY STOLE THE MONEY – and they’ve done it to many others. I paid for research.

This is a disreputable software company – and paypal protects them according to our lawyer. Paypal contributes to the fraud by not allowing refunds.

  1. moonshadows

    I not only contacted and spoke with a rep in advance, I ran the diagnostic tools and all reports said I was a good candidate. After the transfer, I got a message that everything was successful. However, that was the beginning of the nightmare. For two days I had problems re-registering programs, had to re-install programs, and had nothing but problems with Microsoft Office. I spent hours on the phone with Microsoft and Dell trying to fix things that went wrong. Finally, Dell had to roll back my computer to it’s original factory condition. I then did things the “old fashioned” way, and within 24 hours I had my computer running at full speed…minus 2 days of my life trying to fix things after the disaster called Zinstall. When a Zinstall rep finally responded to my Support Ticket after 3 days, he said the problem was that I did the transfer on a holiday. (OK, but what about the two days after the holiday it took them to respond to my ticket?) Even with all the problems I had with Zinstall and the fact that Dell had to roll back my computer for me to do everything “by hand”, he would not give me a refund. I wouldn’t recommend this company/program to anyone. STAY AWAY unless you want to throw $119.00 down the toilet.

  2. jn

    This Zinstall XP7 software may work for you IF you have a Very Simple XP System using simple motherboard video and you have never put any add-in cards into your XP system. But, if you have an advanced video card or any other add-in cards, you will be very disappointed at having spent $149 (Feb 2014) for software that you expected to be able to handle the driver conversions necessary to allow your XP system to run in a Win 7 Virtual Machine because it does not. As soon as it finds something that it does not like, it barfs. You are expected to manually dumb down your XP system before attempting to do the transfer. And, even if you do get your XP system to run in the Zinstall Virtual Machine, you will be very disappointed to find out that there are no tools provided to allow you to maintain that Virtual Machine. Looking back, I was short on time, so I figured I would buy this over-priced solution (throw money at it rather than time). After several time consuming unsuccessful tries, I have abandoned it. Since this company is off-shore, I have simply chalked it up as a bad investment on my part and have moved on. Just like a stock that is too good to be true, this solution is too good to be true. STAY AWAY FROM IT.

  3. jeffbass

    Yes, I had similar results of dealing with this company. I bought the Outlook Express for Windows 8 program from them: Zexpress.

    It loaded on my Windows 8 machine and worked for about three weeks, then developed an error and wouldn’t load.

    It took me days to get a hold of Zinstall. Phone calls not answered, not returned. Chat session just stopped…I knew he was still there, but he quit answering me. Emails returned but very very late.

    Bottom line is they wanted me to buy the $99 diagnostic to run to tell them the answer. I said this is crazy: spend another $99 for a $99 program that worked for three weeks? No way.

    I would avoid them even if they look like the only people who claim to have Outlook Express running on Windows 8. I’m going to try to get my money back from the credit card company. We’ll see…

  4. ataribaby

    Be advised, this software most likely won’t work for you. It’s expensive: $160. When you alert their tech support, they’ll tell you that it probably won’t work, but they’ll look at it remotely for another $100+. When you complain, they will sent you a refund form that they will not honor. And they sell through Paypal, and Paypal’s “guarantee” doesn’t cover software, so sellers of bad software can operate through them with impunity. It’s quite a racket they have over there.

  5. Bill-Tek

    I contacted the vendor before purchasing and confirmed that it would work. It did NOT complete the migration. I am in the process of trying to get my money back. If you have a simple migration use PCMover (this did not work for me this time either, but it has on simpler moves in the past – they gave me a refund immediately when it did not work!). I don’t hold out much hope of getting my refund, but we will try. Do not purchase this product!

    1. Bill-Tek

      Update-They have now sent an e-mail threatening to have me charged with internet fraud, just because I asked for a refund on a product that did not work.

    2. stewartje1

      I too received a threaten and factually inaccurate email after requesting a refund. I forwarded the Zinstall email threat to our Lawyer and lets see what happens. Zinstall is a bad company and has no customer service. They may violate several laws in regards to Internet sales. I would stay far away from using them and would not buy their software.

  6. jdaugherty

    Like the others. Also threatened me as with Bill-Tek. After the loss of the 170 bucks I realized if I had been more discerning I would have not been sucked in by their marketing and have gotten to the actual people. They’re not a full blown scam but if you buy after what you’ve seen here you will have to like me accept that you made a bad judgement.

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