In my humble opinion or IMHO for short is a place where you can add your consumer complaint or consumer compliment without fear of retribution.  Our mission is to report all consumer complaints and compliments over the internet so others will have the opportunity to hear your voice.  Public reviews, consumer reviews, consumer complaints, consumer compliments, customer complaints are our business.  We have a right to allow you our customer to voice their opinions based on factual information you provide.  In life there are some things which we must warn you about, for instance, if you are a victim of a crime please report such incidents to your local police/sheriff department or local district attorney.The reason we say this is because some incidents are with malice, intentional, willful, purposeful and criminal at the very least.  Remember, if your local police/sheriff tell you that your incident is a “civil issue” then please talk to your attorney as some law enforcement officers are not versed on all civil laws, thus, it may be a crime. We are here to help you, however, we are not an investigating body and have no authority to act on your behalf.  We are merely a tool for you to voice your issue, incident, problem, opinion to get the word out so others will see what is really going on around the world.  Our mission is to assist you in voicing yourself.  We use Google for all our interactions and suggest you also use Google to assist you in your searches for consumer complaints, consumer reviews, public reviews.

We have provided a link below where you can email an official complaint to an investigating body which may help you with your complaint.  Of course, if you have a compliment then there would be no need to contact anyone other then the person, place or business you’re complimenting.  In our humble opinion… you really only have to file your concerns with us and we can post it for you for the world to see 24/7. ranks on page one of Google and is highly searched, your voice will be heard.  Keep in mind not all postings are made public mostly due to some type of hate, porn or racism as we do not tolerate anything destructive on our site. is not a place of hate, it is a place where you can civilly voice your opinion through freedom of expression with taste, dignity and honor.


Tips for Getting the Results You Want – OAG Online Complaint

Before you storm into the business and start shouting, sit down and figure out exactly what happened and what you want them to do about it. (Do you want a replacement product, an apology, a refund?)

Before you contact our office for help, you should make an effort to solve the problem yourself.

Following the tips below can help you save time and hassles.

  • First let the business know you have a problem. Talk to the business owner, manager, main office or whoever is in charge.
  • Be clear about your problem and ask the business to remedy the situation. Be specific about the action you want the business to take.
  • If your issue is not resolved, follow up with a letter—that way you have a record of your request. Be sure to refer to your initial conversation in the letter.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence. Also keep all original receipts, cancelled checks and credit card statements. If a business needs to see your documents, provide a copy—never an original.If you do not have records, start keeping them:
  • Keep a copy of all letters and correspondence.
  • Keep a log of all calls and conversations with the company and include the date and the time of the call, what was said and the name of the person with whom you spoke.

Send us an email or call our hotline: OAG Consumer Protection Hotline (202) 442-9828