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Kendra D. 4/25/21

Pretty web page, thanks for taking my online complaint to the next level !!!!!!!!

Robert Perez 12/22/20

I was searching for a casino review and found you guys. I've been to that Pechanga casino and you are right the guards think they are the CIA are something... always picking on people in the parking lot sitting in their cars doing nothing.

Solest C. 12/12/20

thanks for helping me....Facebook sucks and would do nothing to help me....when they saw it was posted here they backed off

Ahmed Spuka 11/28/20

I like your Facebook page but would like to see more about how consumers got their money back.

David S. 11/23/20

Thanks for posting my article I was ripped off royally a few months back. Once they found out I made a consumer complaint they refunded me. Thank you

Anonymous 7/12/20

I got ripped off royally and just wanted to say thanks. Finally, seems like the consumer can get some type of say so after being ripped off on the internet.

Omar Alahuman 10/18/20

I found you guys on Facebook. I love this site. I posted for my friend who was ripped off by Home Depot. He got his money back

Jose L. 07/04/20

I can't believe my complaint is listed under the business online....that'll teach them to rip off people

Karen L. 5/2/20

They stand for what is right! Good website support, and after I filed the online complaint, the company gave me a refund. Yes, it does work or it worked for me.

Fk U 04-15-2014

I file complaint online. Hopefully they see it cause I lost a lot of money. I have a window washing business and the company wanted me to wash windows with cooking made no sense. I want them to pay me for the cooking oil. Chinese suck