In My Humble Opinion… family dollar store#10219 mesa az, something has Gone wrong. In past there was a manager there who put in all her effort with the community and her store crews and it was wonderful to shop there. At the end of May and beginning of June what’s left of crews are very unhappy, store moral is down. Spoke to one employee and from what i could understand a new manager had taken over and he does not help or direct or listen to employees who opened up this store and made it happen or the employees who stuck around after grand opening hire.this new manager over talks them and has attitude I’m here out will be run my way there are no shopping carts to shop! Not all can use hand pails. All-out of customers do heavy shops and need baskets to push, put stop wheels on them for outside getting ripped off, don’t punish the whole community’ , stop inviting the homeless and panhandlers to stay outside the parking lot and front door all day and night.we have laws in place call police, we want to go back in our store without being harassed or intimidated,have clerks tell people to stand back and wait to come up for purchase at counter.people are literally on your neck and back and sides while doing your transaction.clerks should not be afraid to speak to public, hire a greeter, so greater can tell public all backpacks are left in a bin at door,tool much stealing, parking lot needs to be swept and cleaned daily,looks like a bad campsite.thanks for letting me say all this, hopefully we see a awesome inviting change.