In My Humble Opinion…
I am tezender from gurugram haryana . I have been use credit card Hdfc and sbi too. Hdfc credit card generate bill without any transaction about 6k to me. I was quiry with customer care but nobody responding . Yesterday my 6k amount be hold in bank. I cant use it. If you check all transaction you will understand. It a totally fraud with me. I have proof. I have no single transaction with it. i have visit branch also but staff misbehave with me and said goes for delhi office . We cant handle this.


I have use sbi card with online shopping .i have receive courier but i have to return the same . And request to refund my account . Seller refund the amount to sbi card but sbi credit card still not settle. He told me that we have already settle but still outstanding amount same. No positive feedback receive. Where i am going for the same.

Tezender kumar 8800837213/7982446356
Gurugram Haryana