Online Consumer Complaints

Over the past year, online consumer complaints have risen 50%.  Have you notice all the complaints about products made in China? What if any thing has the government done to stop this?  President Trump has raised tariff’s and has halted most importing from China.

Cheap China Products

People have been unhappy with the cheap China products being imported.  Over the next few years you will see less imported products from China. So, China, will not be importing goods is due to low quality.  America demands quality products.

Americans Boycott China Products

Online consumer complaints are filed daily.  Americans often will boycott cheap products.  Hopefully, we can attract manufacturers to move back to the U.S.  American people demand good products.  You may file a consumer complaint by filing out our form here on our website.

How to file a consumer complaint

Use the form available on our menu bar.  Please fill out the form completely and submit.  If you have any questions please contact us.  The  form is self explanatory and easy to use.