In my humble opinion, Casino Pauma, located in Pauma Valley within the County of San Diego, CA.  Casino Pauma management are about as ignorant as one can get when it comes to running a casino.  As an example, it just so happened I was upgraded to the next tier level by using my players club card, however, there is more to the story.  Well, even though I had upgraded, I did not receive a food offer because of the date of the upgrade which fell on the date of the new following month.  Meaning, Casino Pauma’s computer algorithm is flawed and because of it I lost $15.00 in my earned points.  Big deal right…lol.  Well, remember, even though the food offer is a free perk, it really isn’t because ultimately I paid for it probably 100 times over!

So then, not giving up, I walk up to the counter and spoke to the manager and explained my situation. I believe her name was Gale. Gale told me there was nothing she could do other than email the person who handles the comps. I told her I understood but could not believe she did not have the authority to override it and offer a voucher.  Again, she said she could do nothing for me.  I have a real problem with an Indian Casino who cannot make a simple decision to make a wrong a right, it’s not like I was trying to steal anything from them but…it did appear they were trying to steal from me. I do like Casino Pauma but the employee’s are dumb to say the least which you’ll find interesting if you happen to visit there.  They do offer free soda….all you have to do is walk up to the soda machine and get it yourself….but generally the ice portion is empty and let me tell you it is often and people get mad.  It’s kind of a joke place and the only thing that really keeps it going is they have penny keno or at least for now.  It won’t be long before they do away with it, they’ve tried to weed out some of the penny machines but people complained so they brought em back.  The guards wear purple jackets with a security guard badge around their neck which looks utterly stupid.  The security guards do not generally harass people other than ask for identification from the youth. You can go to their website at and file a complaint under “guest comments.” I chose to write a written complaint and drop it in their drop box within the casino.  I never heard a word so I am assuming they don’t care. Rarely go there anymore, I’ve taken my money elsewhere….