In my humble opinion, Pechanga Casino, located in Temecula, CA. has security guards who harass people regularly.  The security guards inside the casino have no authority other than being an employee working as a guard.  Although they dress in a similar uniform as a police offer they’re not! The guards outside the casino have a very limited peace officer authority, only while on duty and only while on the casino property, their authority is derived from the federal government as the property is considered a sovereign nation. Once they are off the property they have no authority other than being a security officer, civilian.  So, basically one thing the security guards like to do is find young people who appear to be less than 21 years of age playing the machines.  Their routine is to walk up and ask for identification.  What the idiots do not understand, is if the person has a identification card, drivers license expired or not….it does not mean the person is under the age of 21.  If you’re harassed by any security guard in the casino, do not waste your time calling for their supervisor because the supervisor will back their play no matter what.

Most of the security supervisors are fired cops from agencies who gave them the boot, so they end up at the Indian casinos continuing to play cop harassing people like they do at Pechanga.  If you cause any waves, they call Riverside County Sheriff and ask they respond.  Problem with that is by the time the deputy arrives you’re now surrounded by several security guards….so then the deputy most likely really thinks something is going on when it isn’t.  The deputy a lot of the times will side with the security guards because they’re called so much for services.  The fact is the security guards can be as rude as they want and they can lie all they want and you have no recourse….they don’t even have to have a reason to ask you to leave.  As Americans, you have no rights while you’re on their property.  I personally know over 20 people who once worked as employee’s at these so-called Indian casinos….every one of them were eventually fired for literally no reason at all. Pechanga will undoubtedly fire all their security guards in due time so I guess it is some pay back eventually for how they treat people so rudely…trying to get a rise out of the youth in an attempt to get them to fight.

My suggestion is file complaints on, or any other online consumer beware site.  You can also file a complain with the B.I.A. – Bureau of Indian Affairs, not that it will do any good but at least it puts them to work!