Well, now you have come to this page in order to determine some good parameters for posting your complaint.  First, always start your complaint out with: In my humble opinion… this way you have a good chance in having your posting approved.  Remember once we approve your complaint it is sticky as we do not remove them under any circumstances.

  • Be truthful :p
  • Add specific content 8)
  • Be fair 😆
  • Remember not to use trademarked logos/images =(
  • List dates/times if you can remember :8
  • Use the hot link on the menu bar for domain names 😉
  • Reward do gooders where rewards are warranted  :((
  • Not everything is a complaint  :o:
  • Use images from places like Flicker  :[
  • Do not use names of people who were mere witnesses unless you have permission  🙂

Now that you have read some basic suggestions here you can go hog wild and write your complaint or compliment and get it approved right away.  Oh too, we do not track you or your email address….we could care less about that stuff.  We are only trying to report the news and allow people to voice their opinions without fear or retribution. Take a moment to proof read your posting and remember the world will see it.  In my humble opinion you will be pleasantly surprised who will see your postings.  Your voice will be heard and people will read and rate  your posting.  Sounds like a small nano of a gift but it is some self-satisfaction of voicing your complaint/compliments.